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Piolo’s son reveals inner turmoil over dad’s breakup with KC

Manila Bulletin

Iñigo says he is closer than ever to his dad, Piolo

MANILA, Philippines – Iñigo Pascual, son of actor Piolo Pascual, admitted that he got hurt over insinuations hurled against his father amid the latter’s highly publicized breakup with actress KC Concepcion last year.

The young Pascual revealed in an exclusive interview with a magazine that he felt “really bad” at the time inasmuch as that he wasn’t able to do something about it and help his dad.

“You know that feeling when you want to say something but you can’t?” he was quoted as saying by Star Studio Magazine. “It makes me feel really bad and mad at the same time. Sometimes I just want to say stuff and tell them [media] off.”

Pascual said that the only thing that stopped him from doing so was his fear that his involvement might worsen the situation.

Iñigo said his father is a good man and people should really get to know him first before making malicious conclusions.

He hopes for his dad to find the right girl – someone not from showbiz.

“I want him to find someone who’s simple, someone who I can talk to, and someone who I know really loves him for who he is and someone who will take me as I am and for being my dad’s son,” he said.

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